Sunday, May 18, 2014

Buffalo Chicken Dip

* As you can see above, our friends didn't wait for me to take pictures and started to dive in. As I shouted "Stop!", our friend Jeff said "Better hurry up or you will get my hairy hand in the picture, won't be appetizing for your blog!"

Since Justin's semester is over for the winter, we invited all of our friends over for food and a bonfire. It was great to see all of them. Not going to lie, it was a good excuse to the clean the house too. Boy did I get behind in chores, and sadly I'm still not caught up. One day if I have enough guts, I'll post a picture of what my bedroom floor looks like with multiple clean clothes baskets waiting to be put away.

It's pretty hard to keep on top of chores with an infant, but even worse with a toddler. And then add on top a husband that works full time and is in school, and then I'm also a full time worker too - so I either have to do it when Joshy is awake (which means less time with him) or when he's sleeping (less time for me time).

Either way it eventually gets done, I am rarely ever caught up.

By the way, you may have noticed I missed a meal last week - the sausage and jambalaya rice meal. After the hair trauma with Josh on Wednesday ( read it here!) - I wasn't in the mood to cook for the rest of the week. Yes, I said the REST of the week. So we had Pizza on Thursday and then Subway on Friday.

I'm not perfect and I've realized that I am pretty exhausted by Thursday. Whether it's because it's surviving 4 out of 5 work days or because I've cooked 4 days (Sunday through Wednesday) in a row, I get burnt out. So I've decided that I'm not going to be hard on myself, why be hard on myself when there are so many other sources that will.

Anyway... for the get together I made my mom's spaghetti salad (forgot to grab pictures of that), hot dogs, veggie tray and never before tried Buffalo Chicken Dip. While other friends brought other delicious foods!

And everyone said it was delicious! I really enjoyed it, and it's pretty straightforward. It's not as spicy as you would think, which is a good thing - but it still has a nice kick. It was also delicious reheated the next day!! Only, I have no more leftovers...BOOOO! :)