Sunday, May 4, 2014

Easy French Toast

Being that I just started this blog, I figured I should dive right into capturing the meals I make for my family. For today's recipe, it's Sunday Morning Easy French Toast..... could be any morning french toast, but today is Sunday - so it's Sunday Morning French toast. Get it?.... good.

I always enjoy blogs that share a picture of the ingredients near the top of the website. So I'm leveraging the idea and going to try and do this regularly here.

Unfortunately, I didn't capture as many steps in pictures as I had planned... but it proves that they are in fact easy. I'll try to time future recipes as well to share with you how long it took me and if they were "worth" the time. I should also add that my pictures are pretty sad. I did my best with my camera (Canon Powershot A2300). I have a really nice Nikon, but I didn't think that far ahead on a Sunday morning. So bare with me... or is it bear with me? Either way, hang tight I hope to get better at this!

By the way, I encourage you to always preread my recipes as I enjoy talking. :-)

Easy French Toast Recipe:

Serving Size : 2 (4 pieces of toast each)
I should always double this recipe for my food lovin' husband but I always forget.
  • 8 pieces of bread (white is recommended, however I only had Butter Top Wheat) 
  • 4 large eggs (I only had XL) 
  • 1/2 to 3/4 Cup of Milk (any kind that you have in the frig will work) 
  • 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoon of Vanilla Extract* (depends on how flavorful you like it, and I like mine flavorful) 
  • dash of nutmeg 
  • dash of cinnamon/sugar mix (I don't pay the extra for the already mixed seasoning, I just wait til the cinnamon is half used and then add the sugar) 
  • non-stick cooking spray or a 1/2 stick of butter 
  • your choice of toppings 
    • syrup 
    • cold butter 
    • powder sugar 
    • milk 
    • brown sugar 
    • etc. 
  1. In a medium mixing bowl, crack and whisk the eggs. Add the milk, vanilla extract, nutmeg and cinnamon/sugar mix. Whisk all items together until well blended.
  2. You can do this in a pan, but I encourage a skillet because then you can enjoy breakfast together with the family versus only toasting 2 pieces at a time. Heat the skillet now(do not preheat). I always put mine to 400° because I'm inpatient when it's toasting. Once it's hot, spray the top generously with the nonstick cooking spray - because who wants to have to peel off their eggy mixture!
  3. Once you are done spraying it be sure to start fully immersing a single piece of bread at a time into the mixing bowl. Don't make it soggy, it's more of a dip. Carefully place the bread on to the skillet, and continue until you're out of pieces of bread or the skillet is filled.
  4. Wait 2 to 4 minutes, and test the first piece of bread you placed and see if it easily comes off the skillet. The top that is facing you will be soggy (which is to be expected) but the bottom should have a slight crispy egg look -- but not burnt. Once the bottom looks good, begin flipping all pieces of bread.
  5. Now it should only take maybe 2 to 3 minutes, and the toast should be ready to serve.
  6. Once the other side is toasted, it's ready to be enjoyed.

Don't forget to provide delicious toppings. We keep it pretty simple around our neck of the woods, so we only serve it with some deliciously cold butter and syrup!

Although I do know my grandpa used to eat his french toast with powder sugar, brown sugar and I believe milk. You can also enjoy it with fresh fruit, plain or be real dangerous and use some left over frosting.

But.... who ever has "left over frosting"?