Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's official!

So, even though the blog is less than a month old - I wanted to commit to it.  It's been very fulfilling, showing that "making dinner" isn't just "making dinner".  After doing this for a few short weeks, it's made me realize how much it takes to get food to the table... planning, shopping and then making it.  Each has their own challenges, but since I've documented my meals, it's made me realize how important my role is.

Does that make sense?  I mean as the "cook" in the family, I feel like although my role is important it can be done by anyone - but in reality, I cater to my family's specific needs and wants...which can take a lot of work.

Plus this blog has made me commit to my menus more, because I enjoy sharing my experiences making them, so in essence it's saving us money as well.  And starting in December (after I return to work with Baby Boy #2), we will have not only one but TWO kids in daycare.  Ugh.

So, what's up with this post?  I just wanted to announce that I am committing to you on sharing my life (cooking, projects and life) with you... and I did this by buying the following domain:

*shivers* Gives me goosebumps. I own a website, hot-diggity!  So, feel free to book mark, share or pinterest...anyway to make it handy to you or any others you think may benefit by it.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you can swing by again soon!

(There will be another new recipe posted tonight (it's currently baking in the oven)!)

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