Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Our K-9 Babies & Their Stories

Our K-9 Babies

 (L to R: Bubbles, Buddy and me)

I got my love for animals from my mom. In the little town that I grew up in, you could say I lived on a farm. It was 10 acres (5 woods and 5 flat land covered in grass). Over the 18 years I lived on that farm, we had everything from 2 horses to turkeys. Other than the horses and sheep, we showed the rest at the local county fair where I was a part of the 4H or FFA group. Come to think of it, the only animals we didn't have were dairy cows and goats. The only times I didn't have animals was the 4 years that I was at college away from home.

Justin and I have been honored with the 2 coolest dogs anyone could ask for.