Sunday, May 18, 2014

Smothered Chile Colorado Burrito

Oh my what a week! We are having Joshy's 2nd birthday pictures today (Sunday) and we had a hair trauma with Joshy, thanks to yours truly. Whether it's exhaustion from raising a toddler or being 22 weeks pregnant, my mind is not thinking correctly all the time. So here is what has happened, on Wednesday, I took Joshy to my hair stylist(Cristina) for a hair cut, for a 5 o'clock appointment which is usually okay, but lately traffic has been bad here in Metro Detroit. So of course we got there at 5:05 and I was a bit stressed.

So, Cristina parts Joshy's hair for this cute little boy style. Asks me "is this how you do his hair?" Me: "yes, he's so cute." Her: "So we will part it here and then cut it like this?" Me: "yes, it will look so cute. I can't believe he is going to be 2." So she trims it, takes about 2 inches off. He was a great kid for her, so she was able to get it done with no issues.

He looks adorable with his hair cut.

Then we got home....

Good ole' daddy walks in, looks at Joshy and goes "why is his hair brush to the side?" and proceeds to hand brush Joshy's hair forward.


Stupid me, as his OWN mother, didn't remember that we brush his hair down... every day. Every single day. So thanks to awesome me, my kid has a 2 inch difference between his "bangs".

I sobbed. No joke, down right sobbed. Stupid pregnancy hormones. Thankfully I'm really good friends with Cristina and I texted her asked her if she could do me a huge favor (because he's getting his pictures done TODAY!). She being so cool and nice, she sacrificed a Friday slot to squeeze us in. Thank god for Cristina.

And after she fixed it, he looks freaking adorable. So cute and ready for his two year pictures. Give me a second to soak that in, I have a two year old son.... boy, time does fly. And here I am growing another son in me. Wow.

--- Update: Joshy's picture session went okay for a two year old. He didn't smile a lot, so there may only be a single picture of him smiling. Sigh*** Gotta enjoy the terrible twos.

So with me sharing this story, you're probably wondering why? Well, thankfully for the menu - I had planned to have an all day crock pot meal so I could take him to his appointment and not be worried or too exhausted for dinner.

Click here for the delicious recipe!