Monday, May 12, 2014

Steak Seasonings

Growing up, my mom wasn't a huge fan about flavor. She never wanted to risk it. So she kept things pretty straightforward, aka bland. Nothing against her, she just wasn't one for seasonings.
However, I am one for flavor. I'm not perfect, so sometimes I over flavor...however with Justin and myself - it's better to over flavor (in most cases) than under flavor. I will never forget this one time where I overflavored something. It was a spicy white chicken chili. I never got to enjoy it, to be quite honest. This specific experience was right after we got married and I was just started regularly cooking for the 2 of us. I slaved over this recipe....
The recipe called for 1 chiptotle pepper marinated in adobo sauce. *Sigh* Yeah, I put the entire can. *smacks head* I put the entire can!
I remember I was randomly crying as the soup was cooking on the stove top. It smelled delicious minus the tears....
And then Justin and I took our first bites. We both started gagging/choking. Justin ran for the refrigerator to get the milk as I was chugging the water, making it worse. We were taking turns chugging out of the milk carton.
Yeah, we didn't eat any more. We actually gave it to our friend Aaron who enjoys a level of spicy that basically would burn the normal person's mouth. He enjoyed it he said. I'm pretty sure he didn't taste any of it because it was THAT spicy.
Anyway, back to the whole point of this post. I wanted to share with you how to kick up the flavor on a "typical" steak. I used to be one of those people that would soak their steak in A1 sauce. But then I was browsing through the seasoning section at the grocery store and saw:
 This seasoning is by far our favorite seasoning for steaks. It adds a nice peppered/salt taste. You're probably asking "Could I just add pepper and salt?" Sure, but this has a combination of different seasonings in it. You could probably make your own. I guess I could, but this is just easier. Haha.
Unfortunately, for Mother's Day - I thought we had ran out of the Perfect Pinch - Steak. So,  I grabbed the next best seasoning, Grill Mates - Spicy Montreal Steak. 
You're probably wondering why I have 2 steak seasonings.. Good question. The Spicy Montreal Steak, is good for recipes for blander meats like pork chops. I have this delicious crock pot pork chops recipe that I cover the chops in this seasoning and it's finger licking good when it's fully cooked. Don't worry that recipe will be shared eventually here!
Since we used this seasoning yesterday on our steaks for Mother's day, Justin did mention he didn't like it as much - the spiciness adds a weird flavor. So going forward, I will keep this for my crock pot recipe and use the Perfect Pinch Steak for grilling steaks.

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