Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Applicable Article about my thoughts

I was cruisin' through my Facebook feed and a friend shared the following article:


It's basically how every mom or the "organizer of the family" thinks.

I felt like sharing because it is applicable to all the things I want to accomplish, but barely ever accomplish.

And, if my bedroom is a reflection of my marriage, my marriage is a clean and open book relationship that is low maintenance...thanks to all the "clean" clothes, closets with no doors on them ("open book"), and a bed that is never made ("low maintenance"). 

Yes, some day soon I have to put away the clean laundry, as I have run out of Amazon boxes to store the clean clothes in.   You know it's bad when the pile of clothes is taller than your 2 year old.... which makes me think... I should probably check the washer to make sure the towels that I put in there on Saturday made it to the dryer.

This article made me feel normal. 

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