Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Easy Monday Dinner

Looking for a delicious meal to throw together after work? There is a 55 minute bake time required, but if you plan accordingly -- it's worth it. For example, I wasn't officially set on making it last night until about 6:15 and then I started making it. We sat down to eat about 7:30.

I assumed Josh wasn't going to eat any because he had a "dinner" right when we got home of a full banana and honey/peanut butter half sandwich(slice of bread folded in half). But he ate a good chunk of this dinner too. I assume a physical growth spurt? Just in time for his 2 year check up. Nice.
Anyway, this recipe is delicious.  It's one of those, if you don't want to make it that night - the ingredients can store pretty well (just throw the ground turkey in the freezer).   
It has the healthy side of ground turkey, but the deliciousness of cream and tater tots.  Nothin' wrong with that!

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