Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Happy Belated Father's Day to all the men who have kids, k9s, mentored kids or dream of having kids!!!
I hope you all got to relax and celebrate the day all about you.

For Father's day, I let Justin decide what he wanted for dinner.  His request was dry-rubbed ribs and dirt cake for dessert.

Since I never made dirt cake before, I decided I should probably make it the morning of Father's day. 

Josh was wide awake when I made this...

I am impressed how fast kids learn the words "candy", "cookie" and "elmo" before other words... like "potty".  Referring to the picture above, this is Josh.  He's turning 2 on Sunday.  Two. Dos. Zwei (German for 2).  My baby is turning 2.  *grabs the heart* It almost hurts.  But it's been a really cool experience.
Let me set the stage for the above picture - my house was a mess and I had not put all the grocery items away from Friday night (this picture was taken on Sunday).  So my adventure seeking 2 year old, although tall for his age, was standing on a package of paper towels.
I could walk about 10 feet and put them away in my storage. But it's easier just to plop them next to the peninsula counter and walk around them 3 days in a row.  So that's what I did.
He was initially fascinated about the noise the food processor was making.  So he was doing some investigating - bright kid what can I say?  Yeah, yeah I'm biased.  But he's bright and cute...and tall...and talkative....  Okay, I'll stop bragging. 
And then when he saw the opened package of Oreos.  He nicely pointed at them and said "Mommy, I want cookie." Long pause as his finger was gently massaging a cookie through the plastic.  "Peas."  Sigh.
So being 9 oclock on a Sunday morning, I naturally said... yes.  It was a one for you, one for me situation.  Besides you're only a kid for a short time, live it up.  As for me, I love Oreos.
By the end of the dessert making session, he got 2 Oreos out of the deal.  And then he got to lick the spoon. 
Anyway, the ribs were delicious.  Justin and I aren't really fans of BBQed ribs.  It's like eating steak sauce with steak.  You spend so much on meat to cover it with a sauce, seems so wrong.   So I oven baked dry-rubbed baby back ribs.  I used a Kroger brand pork rib rub found in the seasoning aisle.  Never used it before - but it was delicious.
The dirt cake wasn't too bad either.
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