Sunday, June 1, 2014

Slow Cooker Bacon-Wrapped Apple-BBQ Chicken

We were installing our pole for the bat house today - in 80°F in Michigan that feels like 100°F because of the humidity.  So, I had decided the day before that I probably wouldn't want to cook after being outside all day - so I threw this in after we got home from Home Depot.  

The story of the bat house is last year our neighbors noticed bats flying into our attic.  So we didn't necessarily want to kick them to the curb, we just wanted to provide them with a home that wasn't above our heads...because of the bat poop and such.  So Justin is going to install a wire netting by the attic vent, and we are putting this house up to encourage them to stay near us to eat all the blasted mosquitoes!  

Let's hope it helps with these mosquitoes.  I got bit by a mosquito as we were leveling the pole - so I will get my vengeance soon!

The recipe itself turned out great! Very hearty and delicious!