Monday, June 30, 2014

Slow Cooker Sticky Chicken Upgrade

I've posted this recipe plenty of times before and it's delicious.  

But now it's even better...because for us busy parents (stay at home or career) other than having kids, one of the many other things we have in common is trying to stay sane through parenthood.  So let me explain...  my Slow Cooker Sticky Chicken has been tested by yours truly.... and I can confirm that it is an ALL DAY SLOW COOKER recipe.  I had mine cooking on LOW for 9 hours and on WARM for 2 hour - and it was delicious. 


This is definitely something to look forward to.

So just to let you know, I updated the recipe page for my beloved recipe and wanted to share with you --- just in case you happened to overlook this delicious recipe.

How many times can I say delicious?  *lifts shoulder* How many times do I have to say it before you click this link?


And on that note, I should add - you won't see any updates on the blog until at the earliest Monday, July 14th... as I am escaping reality, technology and civilization from Wednesday night to July 14th.   That's right - we are camping! (But alas because I'm the planner I did manage to reserve spots at "Modern" (aka showers/flush toilets) campgrounds. :)  It makes this pregnant lady happy!

Wanna know where we are going?  Google - Porcupine Mountains and Copper Harbor, MI!  YAY!   I cannot wait to take Joshy and Justin agates (google it) hunting / beach combing!

Happy Independence Day America! 

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