Sunday, July 20, 2014

Deliciously Easy Spaghetti

Like I said in the previous post, poor Josh has pink eye.  So today we focused on not passing it to the rest of us.   Originally I thought I would make pork tenderloin and peach salsa for dinner, but then I was too exhausted when it came down to dinner time.  So I stuck with something simple and comforting, the one and only spaghetti.

Only this is a fun spaghetti - because you can add any sort of stuff to it - because it's homemade.  I am so excited that I took pictures of this tonight.  It's the best batch I have ever made. It's made so many leftovers, I have frozen enough for an additional family meal, Justin is taking some for lunch and I have some sauce for Josh and I for lunch tomorrow.

Oh, and before I forget, Josh ate 3 servings of noodles with sauce on top of each serving.  Every other bite he was moaning (I am not joking).  Being very pregnant, I laughed the first 2 times almost to the point of peeing my pants when I realized it was him and not Justin (Justin provides moans as feedback for delicious recipes).  Justin may have also moaned but Josh was more vocal about it.  Haha. I love my guys.

Anyway, I want to share how I made it --- share it, pass it on but don't forget --- make it!!!

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