Monday, August 11, 2014

Easy Homemade Sliders

Been so busy around the house preparing for this baby.  Early nesting has begun.  Justin and I decided to install canned lighting in our not so pretty basement.  It's our first step in Basement Overhaul 2015. Imagine the '70s, now imagine it in basement.  I'm talking green wood paneling, green/gold felt carpet, and other random green accents.  It's horrible.  

But with having 2 kids soon, and one is crazy active and needs to wear out his energy, I decided to make some of the basement dedicated to him and his toys. 

In Basement Overhaul 2015, the next steps are declutter, paint wood paneling and get carpet.  Expected goal of deadline around March. 

So as Justin was setting up the eletrical to the lights, I was cleaning... nesting... I literally caught myself cleaning the tops of my washer and dryer (which are hidden deep in the basement).

I also got some time to myself, and decided to hit up Joann's for material for my newest little man. I bought some material to make him a baby blanket, me a nursing cover and us a baby sling.  Supposedly, this baby sling can handle my Joshy too --- not quite sure if my back would agree.

I have also been clutter cleaning --- trying to pick up things that don't belong where they are sitting ---which takes up a lot of time and energy.

However, I have been trying to add recipes that I have made but not yet shared with you.  Here is one that was easy, fast and delicious --- plus great as leftovers!