Sunday, October 19, 2014

Chicken Chow Mein

It's so easy to get behind the blog when I have an infant, rambunctious toddler and a crazy house hold to try and manage. It was much easier when to work on the blog when my toddler went to bed ---but now that he decided he wants a big boy bed (aka no crib) ---he won't sleep unless someone cuddles with him until he's out cold.  So therefore, my "blogging time" is gone.  Absolutely positively gone.  I'm trying to squeeze it in here and there... but then the youngest is pretty fussy, too.

But that's the point of my blog though, about showing how I keep stayin' afloat.  It wasn't just a catchy phrase, it's my reality.

Anyway,  here is a new recipe that I made a few weeks back - I give it a B-. I think next time if I were to make it, I would double the sauce as the sauce to noodle ratio was too low.   However, I encourage you to try it, you may do better than me.

Click HERE or on the picture for my experience and the recipe: