Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tater Tot Nachos

Do I need to say anything or are you drooling over the picture like I am?  That there is one of my favorite dishes. Tater tot nachos.  Yes there are tater tots instead of Tortilla chips on the bottom. It's meant to be eaten with a fork.

Just so I don't seem like such a tater tot hog, there is half a bag of shredded lettuce sitting under the salsa and top of the tater tots, which explains the height of the food.

It's delicious and fast.  Perfect for a week night.

There is something about freshly cut vegetables.  Every time I make nachos, tacos or some sort of mexican dish these are the go-to's I always grab and dice up:

  • Jalapenos (sliced, do not remove seeds (that's the spicy part))
  • green onions
  • avocado
  • bag of shredded lettuce (I don't cut these :)) 
  • tomatoes (I forgot this round of pictures)


  • Taco Meat
  • Veggies listed above
  • sour cream
  • monterey cheese dip
  • salsa
  • tater tots


  • Prepare your tater tots as directed on the package, make sure they are extra crispy. 
  • Prepare your favorite taco meat (try my Mexican Meat recipe!)
  • Top with your meat mixture, lettuce, salsa, avocado, cheese, jalapenos, and any other veggies.


I know it's a simple recipe but sometimes the simple ones are ones that can be forgotten. Once you make this, you won't forget it!

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