About Me

Hey everyone! My name is Chris and I am taking a stab at the blogger life. I had originally had this idea of becoming a famous blogger but it became too much pressure and eventually unmotivated me due to full time job (yes I work outside the home!), crazy active kids and managing a household....  So I've started fresh, and the goal of this blog is to keep a virtual cookbook, journal of crazy adventures of our family and the many projects I complete.

Anyway, a little about me… I was born and raised in Michigan, and still live in this beautiful state. I love to spend time with my family, read, travel, go to the movies, doing crafts, and trying out new recipes. My favorite cuisine is Mexican food. YUMMY! I hate seam ripping, scary/horror movies, doing dishes, pesto sauce and coconut. Although I'm coming around to the last two.

I am married to a great guy, named Justin.  He is no doubt my soul mate. Cheesy right? Yeah, I'm lucky.  We have 2 wonderful bouncin' off the wall active boys that keep me on my toes and my heart full.  

We also have 2 rescued K9 kiddoes named Bubbles(top) and Buddy (bottom). 

By day, I work full time for an awesome company where I determine,design, test and implement computer processes for their business. By night, I spend time making memories and laughter with my family.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy and visit often, as I just want to share how we keep Stayin’ Afloat. See you again soon!

As a disclaimer, most of these recipes (if not all) were found at other websites. I am no creator of recipes. I just want to share recipes that were successful for my family and most of all achievable with the lack of time I have on work nights.

Thanks to Luna Signature Photography for the wonderful pictures (Dog picture, by yours truly!)!