About Me

Hey everyone! My name is Chris and I am taking a stab at the blogger life. I had originally had this idea of becoming a famous blogger but it became too much pressure and eventually unmotivated me (due to crazy work schedule (my full time job), husband in school and kids)....  So I've started fresh, and the goal of this blog is to keep a virtual cookbook, journal of crazy adventures of our family and the many projects I complete. I'll update when I can.  However, if you do become a fan or follower - I'd appreciate a comment or an email. :)

Anyway, a little about me… I was born and raised in Michigan, and still live in this beautiful state. I love to spend time with my family, read, travel, doing crafts, go to the movies and trying out new recipes. My favorite cuisine is Mexican food. YUMMY! I hate seam ripping, scary/horror movies, doing dishes, pesto sauce and coconut.

I am married to a great guy, named Justin.  He is no doubt my soul mate. Cheesy right? Yeah, I'm lucky.  We have 2 amazing boys that we have been blessed with.  Joshy was born in 2012 and Caleb was born in 2014.  We have 2 cool dogs named Buddy and Bubbles.  One day I will share my story of living with PCOS and defeating infertility.

By day, I work full time for an awesome company, where I design computer processes for their business. By night, I spend time making memories and laughter with the family.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy and visit often, as I just want to share how we keep Stayin’ Afloat. See you again soon!

As a disclaimer, most of these recipes (if not all) were found at other websites. I am no “creater” of recipes. I just want to share recipes that were successful for my family and most of all achieveable with the lack of time I have on work nights.

Thanks to Luna Signature Photography for the pictures with baby Caleb in them and thanks to Michele Maloney Photography for the wonderful picture of Justin and me.